Direct acting Regulators - Commercial

The Pietro Fiorentini Dival 512, Dival 600 and Norval series pressure gas regulators are direct acting devices for small to large commercial applications controlled by a diaphragm and counter spring.

These modular designs allows the installation of an incorporated slam shut or device for use as "in line monitor" on the same body without changing the face-to-face dimension.?

Furthermore the truly "top entry design" allows an easy periodical maintenance without removing body from the line.

These features make for a product suitable for a variety of applications.

Pilot operated regulators - Distribution

Pietro Fiorentini supply a wide range of high quality pilot operated Gas Regulators having a reputation for extremely accurate pressure control, Outstanding turn down ratio and ease of maintenance.

There modular design allows for retrofitting silencers, slam shuts and monitors on the same body.

A wide range of pressure classes from class 150 to class 600 are available.

Sizes from 1” to 10”. Connections available RF, FF, RTJ, PN16, B16.5

Residential Gas Pressure Regulator

These two stage self-driven pressure regulators are widely used in domestic and small commercial installations using Natural gas, LPG or not corrosive gases.

These regulators have been conceived to be directly installed on user’s flow meter or assembled on riser shafts for civil uses.

They can be installed in any position provided that they are protected against atmospheric agents. The internal relief valve vent can be convoyed outside in case of installation with closed rooms or for underground plants.

Thanks to the concept of balanced double regulation stage, it is possible to achieve a: - high accuracy; - high operating reliability. The regulators are manufactured according to UNI 8827.