The Winton Engineering DLPTO specialises in harnessing the power of a vehicle`s engine to drive auxiliary equipment. It delivers compressed air up to 160cfm and electrical power to 6kva at 240volts at any location where a vehicle can gain access.

This unique system is both versatile and robust providing constant reliable compressed air and electrical power on demand wherever the vehicle is required.

Operate a full range of tools and equipment without the need to carry or tow a compressor or generator...

  • Road breakers
  • Electro fusion equipment
  • Power tools, drills, grinders
  • Site lighting
  • Welding equipment
  • Tyre maintenance equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • High pressure jetting equipment

Weight is a major consideration for today’s fleet and operations managers; a typical installation on a 3.5 tonne RWD Vehicle is only 170kg.


A typical Power Conversion consists of...

  1. Winton DLPTO
  2. Mattei vane compressor providing 110cfm standard (160cfm maximum)
  3. Generator providing 6kva standard (10kva maximum)

The DLPTO system does not affect vehicle manufacturers warranties.

We provide a comprehensive fit out service, optional extras include:

  1. Tow bar kit
  2. Side and rear steps
  3. Retractable hose reel
  4. Earthing system
  5. Bespoke options




Work base with a designated power and air supply


Efficient Eliminates driving time to collect mobile plant from depots


Flexible Improved vehicle manoeuvrability and ease of site access

Improved Utilisation

No more stranded plant equipment


No stolen or vandalised towable compressors or generators


Clear vehicle storage area to carry tools and equipment


No requirement to carry dangerous and bulky fuel containers


Towing facility available for trailers/materials, reducing the need for additional vehicles to attend site


Low noise, fuel efficient and smooth running

The Winton DLPTO system is economical and lightweight utilising Mattei Vane Compressor technology and class leading alternators.The system has been developed to withstand the hazards and challenging conditions presented when operating on site or roadside environments. This system has been developed through extensive field trials and client feedback.

Vane compressor technology is more efficient than similar screw or piston drive compressors, reducing the demand on the vehicle’s engine generating less noise and heat. Resulting in an energy and fuel efficient system.

Today the Winton DLPTO system is used by most of the major civil engineering and utility companies in the UK with over 10,000 units being produced.

Other applications include mobile tyre fitting operators, emergency service response vehicles and bespoke and high pressure jetting equipment as used by fire emergency teams and drainage companies.